Brooklyn To Britain


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These are our first recordings with the current members of the band.
Jack Buckett - Guitar, Vocals
Alex Conan - Bass, Vocals
Joe Power - Drums (and the final shout of 'Is this our time')
Recorded with Bill Bartholomew during the amazing summer that we lived in Bushwick


released May 12, 2010



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Track Name: What Are We Looking For?
What is it we desire in a world a earth, wind and fire?
The ways we complicate our lives to make us think they're great.
What should we expect and why do we elect?
Am i individual, or have i said too much do i look a fool?
But surely not, this world is free.
There are differences between you and me.
I'll live my life to be happy but how will this be?
What should i seek....?

The path to take to make us truly smile is a puzzling road that seems to stretch for miles.
Can't be to dig for gold, even the rich grow cold,
Can't be to find the one, the odds are thousands to one.
What are we looking for? We just need to find something worth living for.

Happiness is right under our nose
We'll just plant the seed and watch it grow.
If it makes others smile and it brings them glee,
that seed we sowed will grow into a tree.

A story i heard of a master and man is a tale that i will tell as best as i can.
The master cared for nothing but status and wealth whilst his faithful servant served him at the cost of his health.
One day they led their cart astray and got stuck in a storm and as the slave began to die his master was reborn.
He saw this unloved fool was all he ever really had so he wrapped his coat around him like a loving dad.
He sacrificed his life for the life of his slave and his hear became alive just as he went to his grave.
He'd found what he was looking for and it was something worth dying for.


And once we reach the afterlife,
Will it be as we thought, will we be surprised.
Will we find the light or fall into gloom,
well we'll all find out soon.
We'll all find out soon.
Track Name: Is This Our Time
If you asked yourself, what do you want
Would you know, would you care?
Some people play dead, some never look ahead,
some are scared.
But the essence of life is just to have a little something to look forward to, a little flare.
So we're taking a punt,
dared to dream, we don't dream to dare.

Fly high on a cloud in the sky,
I wont let this chance pass us by
Is this our time

New people to meet to shape our thoughts and beliefs,
wipe the sheet, start afresh, go with the beat.
You run your course we'll run ours,
See you on the other side.
But in times to come will you regret if you know you never tried.
Well don't come to me and cry.

Chorus x 2
Track Name: Woodlocks
There's an old oak tree that i believe to have an ancient quality.
Under a base of white chalk lies fields of green,
painting pictures of the past and times been.
A vision of immortality.
Walk through the gate and enter into a primordial state.
Lose focus on the present and let your mind run free.

Lost in time on Woodlocks
Living in a fantasy
Walk through the past on Woodlocks

A yew tree stands alone that 20 generations have gazed upon.
When graced by an english summer's day,
its enough to take your breath away.
See the view from the eyes of the predecessors of you and I.
Almost like a blank canvas before man began to drain it dry.

Lost in time on woodlocks
A better place for you and I
Walk through the past on Woodlocks

I'll miss you when i'm gone,
but you wont go, you'll carry on
I said i'll miss you when i'm gone
but you wont go you'll carry on